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The Meaning of Agartha 👁

Legends tell that there’s a Utopia underneath the south pole called Agartha.

There’s also a story about general Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the south pole after WW2. Supposedly he discovered Jurassic-era lush jungles and an advanced alien species who told Byrd to bring one message back to the surface of earth, that:

Earth is at the threat of destroying itself with the amount of militarization and nuclear weapons at hand. If your species can agree to de-nuclear yourself, we would come greet you and share our knowledge and technologies with you.

It is beyond our capacity to argue whether the story is true or not, whether Agartha exist or not.

The meaning of Agartha stands in the beautiful metaphor of this story, that a better world is possible, it is quite simple, and the possibilities are hidden right under the surface.

We’d like to position ourselves philosophically at the intersection of learning from ancient wisdom and developing modern technology to serve mankind’s overall wellbeing.

The greater mission for Agartha is to act as a gate to unearth ancient wisdoms with modern day technologies, act as a missing link to coordinate different grass root subculture communities through shared commonalities.

We have all the answers, we just need to bring them to the right people, at the right place and the right time.

The design of our logo represents an eye within a teardrop to symbolize that: the Universe is always watching us, and it cries for all the pains and sufferings humanity has to go through in order to evolve, progress and build a better future.

We don’t live in a utopia because we are here to figure out how to build it.

To Mother Nature and Our Fractal Universe


Trees Were Our Teachers

Once upon a time, trees were our teachers. We were quite close to nature and said hi to our neighbors. We lived a whole lot shorter, but we really took care of each others.

To survive we became ferocious warriors, embedded the law of the jungle in our genes, made progress to organize better through countless revolutions and revelations, evolved from barbaric tribes, to feudal societies, to now a network of open markets.

Innovation doesn’t stop, today we’re representing virtual ownerships with programmable money, using AI to augment imaginations, squeezing atoms to generate electricity, casually sending people to space…

Can you believe it? Once upon a time, trees were our teachers.

Reality Check